MALEvolution is a non-profit organisation among men that focuses on community and offers training on the subject of being a man in the 21st century.

It sees itself as an apolitical movement of men and allows for an exchange on the subject of being a man by men from various backgrounds. It allows different views and promotes healthy discussion whilst following a non-dogmatic approach.

The entire MALEvolution team works voluntarily and without compensation.
The organisation is registered as a German non-profit 'Unternehmergesellschaft (haftungsbeschränkt)' - an entrepreneurial company with limited liability.


MALEvolution sees itself as a network and a facilitator for men. We create and promote constructive opportunities for exchange between men.

Wir veranstalten jährlich MANN SEIN event, Europas größtes Event für Männer, mit renommierten Sprechern, Vorträgen, Workshops und Diskussionen.

We provide free online resources about topics important for men (only in German).

In Kooperation mit Dr. med. Dietmar Betz stellen wir Ressourcen zur men's health (only in German).

In cooperation with Anton Wieser, we are dedicated to the specific needs of Boys (only in German) and provide this information to parents for free.

With our monthly Newsletter and Event Calendar we are networked with free Seminars about MANN SEIN in all its facets.

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We live in a time in which our society no longer automatically provides male mentors and suitable role models for boys and men.

For some time now, we noticed that more abundance comes into our lives when we consciously and regularly socialise with men and exchange ideas authentically, intensively, and openly with one another.

Getting supportive feedback in a community of men is good for the development of manliness, boosts self-confidence, increases motivation, and helps to develop more fulfilling relationships.

Under the umbrella of ​​a constructive men's movement, MALEvolution ensures more social equality, further development and creates opportunities for men to learn and grow.


What began in 2010 with the first men's camp has grown step-by-step, and man-by-man into the MALEvolution.

Forty men attended “Der Eiserne Hans”, a men's camp initiated by Chris Mulzer. The men retreated into nature for 10 days to focus on masculinity. Through workshops and activities, they learned intensively from each other.

The results were impressive: honest feedback, the exchange of knowledge and life plans - from students to managers, from tantra-teachers to mechanics - enabled many participants to feel respected and secure as a man among other men for the first time.

Given the demand for the men's camp in 2011 there was a desire to bring more of this important work into the world. John Aigner, Andre Ottlik and Armin Bufe decided to start the MALEvolution.

In 2015 we took over the organisation of the MANN SEIN event, which Philipp Czerny had started alone in 2014. Since then it remains our biggest yearly event with up to 500 participants and is in the meantime Europe's largest event for men.

We help to ensure that more men can share the advantages listed above with us. We are pleased that the interest is so great and that this movement is growing steadily.


These are the men behind the MALEvolution.