partner organisations

MALEvolution's partners in the area of mens work

Network for aware and
self responsible
men (gropus).

Collaborative community of men who want to step up and take responsibility.

The online portal with exciting articles for today's holistic man.

All events in German-speaking space in relation to personal development in your man.

Germany's largest men's blog and since the beginning of generous supporters of the Malevolution

Promotion of boys in teenage age since 1996

Father's son trips for a very special break together.

Therapy, initiation and spirituality; hero's journey for men, workshops, vision quest and more.

Annual training, men's coaching, accompaniment of men's groups and more.

For more than 30 years, men in the MKP around the globe have been initiating other men.

The central concern of the academy is a transformation of the previously prevailing relationship culture in our society.

Body-oriented personality-training for Men from & with Fabian Edzard Schneider.