Men need mentors and leaders. And as leaders we bear great responsibility.

This is an exclusive summit for men’s leaders. To meet, to network, to engage and to exchange ideas on how to shape the future of men in Europe.

In 2022, Paul Robson and Alexander Bard got us off to an excellent launch of the EMLS in Denmark with great results (e.g. looking at different types and purposes of men‘s work in categories or „realms“)

In 2023, we intend to take it up a notch by bringing you the EMLS in conjunction with Europe‘s largest men’s gathering: the long-running MANN SEIN.

Who the EMLS is for

Active men‘s leaders and experts in the field who want to exchange thoughts and ideas on how to shape the future of men. Men who are leading or facilitating men‘s work on a regular basis and do at least one of the following:

– actively run a men‘s group or organization in real life or online
– currently be an active mentor/coach specializing in men or boys
– organize men‘s events like men’s conferences or gatherings
– be a writer of books and/ or articles on men‘s issues
– be a public speaker or podcaster who is regularly speaking on men‘s issues

Summit Agenda

– introducing and working with the different categories or „realms“ of men‘s work, building from the results of the 2022 summit
– the topics of relationships, sexuality and men‘s health and how we address them in men‘s work
– discussing a shared vision for the future of the summit, MANN SEIN and European men’s events

Summit Days

Thursday, June 15
The leaders will start gathering informally in the evening for a warm-up dinner in central Berlin.

Friday, June 16
The EMLS officially begins with a full day only among leaders. We will dive into the agenda topics through presentations, discussion rounds, meals and infomal hang-out times at one of Berlin’s hippest hotels.
In the evening we will attend the warm-up gathering for MANN SEIN 2023 and start interacting with the men arriving from all over Europe.

Saturday, June 17
The summit continues in a different location at the big MANN SEIN event at Lake Tegel, inspiring us with on-stage presentations by some of the leaders. With plenty of opportunity to mingle and meet the men of MANN SEIN we deepen and sharpen Friday’s results in exclusive areas and separate sessions for the leaders.

Sunday, June 18
On the summit’s final day we step on the MANN SEIN stage for a „Meet the Leaders“ session to present the EMLS results and open it up to thoughts and questions from the crowd. The day will wrap with Robert Glover’s headlining presentation and a meal for the leaders.

Summit participation is limited to 20 leaders.
The summit is full and booked out.

For an opportunity to meet and network with the leaders join MANN SEIN 2023: