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Alexander Bard

Philosopher and author

The Boy, The Man and The God - Finding and developing the male archetypes through tribal mapping

This is a speech about the three founding male archetypes: the boy, the man, and the god, and their respective relationships to one another.“Fatherhood" relates to both the boy-man and the man-god relationships.“

Fathers" was always a term used in pluralis in the tribal settings and we would be wise to return to this understanding today.Away from all the misery that "the lonely father" as a byproduct of the idea of "the romantic love marriage" has caused us. And how weak as men it has made us.Manhood is about collaboration and not about competition. Men seek teams. And the most important team of all is what Alexander Bard calls "the team of fathers and mentors".

About him: Alexander Bard is a philosopher based in Stockholm, Sweden and has co-written five books with Jan Söderqvist.Their latest book "Digital Libido - Sex, Power and Violence in The Network Society" was released in October 2018.


Aufgezeichnet bei der MALEvolution-Konferenz MANN SEIN 2019